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Fixmo Extend – A perfect companion for mobile surfers

If you use your BlackBerry to aid you in every facet of your life, you probably have heard of, or have even used, Tethering (is a method to share the Internet connection of an Internet-capable mobile phone. This sharing can be via cable, or wirelessly over Bluetooth)

Unreliable Wi-fi? Not a problem if you have Fixmo Extend.Fixmo Extend allows you to connect your laptop to the internet via the BlackBerry’s internet connection (BiS) – anywhere, anytime.

Fixmo Extend is the perfect companion for mobile workers, mobile surfers and anyone who needs to stay connected on the go. No Wi-fi? No problem. Fixmo Extend allows you to connect your laptop to the internet using the existing data connection on your BlackBerry®


  • Get connected quickly with an elegant user interface
  • Handy charts and metrics help you monitor your data usage
  • A simple download of mobile and desktop applications to get connected


  • BlackBerry (OS 4.6 and greater)
  • Windows PC (Windows XP or greater)
  • Microsoft .Net Framework (2.0 or greater)
  • BlackBerry Desktop Software (available from RIM)
  • A mini-USB cable to connect your laptop to your BlackBerry

Mobile Application Screenshots

Desktop Application Screenshot

Download the Fixmo Extend Mobile Application

Download the Desktop Application

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