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ERROR CODE Blackberry. The Meanings.

Have you ever wondered what all those error codes shown on your blackberry screen meant?

We get different error code messages and we can’t seem to understand what it means… From research and experience I bring to you a well detailed explanation to help streamline your troubleshooting skills..

Here below are the codes and meanings


Internal JVM Error

Invalid code in file system. The .cod files in the handheld have been checked for modification and it has been determined that there is a problem with one or more .cod files

The starting address for the boot .cod file cannot be found. This might mean that a boot .cod file has not been installed on the handheld, or that its format is invalid or corrupt.

An uncaught Java exception was thrown in the Java code and diagnosed by the JVM. Execution can be continued or the handheld can be attached to a debugger on a desktop through a serial or USB cable. The event log should contain the traceback of the thrown exception.

An OS file system API returned an error status for a certain operation. This can indicate a corrupt file system or an error in the JVM.

An error has been detected in the graphics system of the handheld.

Internal JVM error.

Internal OS error.

Non-idle event downtime error. A problem has been detected in the accumulation of JVM down time that represents how long the JVM has been idle. This indicates an error in either the OS code or the JVM code. Read more…

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