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How To – Part 4 (Blackberry tips):- Disable Blackberry event log to free up memory

Some of us know that our Blackberry smartphone actually keeps track every activity, and this is known as the event log. Event log is located in a secret place and special keys are needed to access it. As a result of event tracking system memory is consumed and this could lead to slower performance of the device, as if it isn’t slow already. The picture below depicts a typical view of what comes up when you access the event log.

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How To – Part 2 (Blackberry tips):Blackbery 20 Hotkeys ShortCut

April 11, 2011 1 comment

The joy in using a power device is the ability to navigate with ease. Here are some helpful tips on how to achieve them:

1. To move the cursor to the beginning or end of a line, hold the Alt key and roll the trackpad/ball in the desired direction.

2. To type an accented or special character, hold the letter key and roll the trackpad/ball When the desired character appears, release the letter key.

3. To switch to another application, hold the Alt key and press the Escape button. Continue to hold the Alt key and select an application. Release the Alt key to switch to that application. Read more…

How To – Part 1 (Blackberry tips) : Reset Your Blackberry Without battery pull

Its no news that RIM (Research in Motion)  aka Blackberry, have spread like wild fire in the Nigerian community over the last two years, most especially among the youths. It’s pretty sad that majority of the users are not knowledgeable about this “powerful device”. one of the issues we’d like to address is restarting your device, many people complain about having to take out their sophisticated casings in order to restart their phone. Read more…

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