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Will goal-line technology bring justice to football?

First of all I would start off from defining – what is Goal-line Technology?

This is a technology that detects whether a ball has crossed the goal line or not.

The world of sport is continually changing over the years, and the use of technology is just one of those areas that has made an impact on many sports in the modern day. One criticism of the use of technology is that it can slow down the speed of the game.

I guess we all remember about the Frank Lampard’s disallowed goal against Germany in last year’s 2010 South Africa World Cup. The call for goal-line technology have been around for a while now, but Fifa still refuses to add that to its football. It’s getting harder for Fifa to ignore calls for goal-line technology after such a blatant mistake which caused the England mid-fielder a huge setback if i may use those words..

After the match Fifa president Sepp Blatter made a comment most likely to be an apology

Blatter said:

“It is obvious that after the experiences so far at this World Cup it would be a nonsense not to reopen the file on goal-line technology. Yesterday I spoke to the two federations [England and Mexico] directly concerned by referees’ mistakes. I have expressed to them apologies and I understand they are not happy and that people are criticizing. We will naturally take on board the discussion on technology and have the first opportunity in July at the business meeting.”

It’s not game over for goal line detection technology in soccer as some had feared: the systems wil be tested for another year.

FIFA says in this statement:

The IFAB received a presentation on the Goal Line Technology tests conducted by EMPA between 7-13 February at the Home of FIFA. The IFAB heard that none of the ten companies were successful in meeting the criteria set out by the IFAB Annual Business Meeting on 20 October 2010, and therefore agreed to a further one year testing period.”

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) has laid down four criteria that they want to see in goal-line systems:

  • The technology should only apply to goal-line decisions.
  • The system must be 100 per cent accurate.
  • The signal sent to the referee must be instantaneous.
  • The signal is only communicated to the match officials.



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