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How To – Part 7 (Blackberry tips):- Wipe all data off your device

Ever been in that situation that your Blackberry® device slows down/hangs and boots up for long and you probably thinking what can i do to make this work… This could be one of those malfunction issues involved with the OS installed on the device therefore – A wipe might be just what you may need to get your device back working at full capacity ..

Disclaimer:- I’d advice you create a full backup before going for a wipe… cause this would erase your device settings, applications, contacts, bbm contacts etc.. please do not forget to create one before going through this steps…. Thanks 

1. Start off by going to Options.

2. Select Security option on the following screen, then choose the Security Wipe


3. The Security Wipe screen displays a number of options and associated check-boxes that let you specific whether you want to delete E-Mail, Contacts, etc., User Installed Applications and/or all the data stored on your Media Card.

4. Hit “Wipe Data

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