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Football and technology – Part 1

A while ago the Tottenham Hotspur signed a five year contract with the American sportswear Under Armour, and they just confirmed that they plan to use its latest jersey technology known as “E39.”

The technology consists of sensors that send instant updates regarding the player’s physical heart rate, body temperature, acceleration and respiratory rate. This information is processed through the use of cell phones and laptops so that the personal trainers can control the players’ fitness and performance during training sessions or matches.

The American based company informed that with the media help would be able to access player’s athletic performance and mood in key moments of match.

Mark Dowle, executive vice president of Under Armour, said: “We can metrically tell you what is happening to the body of somebody kicking a penalty in front of 60,000 people. You can watch his heart rate as he waits to take the kick. For the first time you can see inside an athlete as they perform. It adds to the drama.”He added: “You could also tell who the best conditioned athlete is on the pitch and over the season, and when to pull a player out because he’s worn out.”According to Dowley, Under Armour expects more Soccer clubs to be more interested in this technology once they see Tottenham employ it. However, it is unlikely that some soccer leagues will allow this technology to be implemented.The use of this type of soccer jerseys would also require FIFA’s approval, which in principle could limit its use to training sessions.

As a good football fan I wouldn’t mind if this technology is deployed, the managers need to know who’s good to go and who’s not, but then again football is unpredictable at times. Let’s see how a team would perform using these jersey’s and know how much of a difference it’ll make.



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